This website, is a Message to the Scattered members of  the 

Worldwide Church of God. Who have SCATTERED according to

Daniel 12:7 Into the Laodicean Era

Contrary to what 2.2 billion professing Christians and their ministers believe or think, they do not know God the Father, neither do they know the REAL Jesus Christ! There is no universal salvation, there is no such thing as just give your heart to the lord and you will be saved! You cannot just call on the name of Jesus either to be saved! This is not the day of salvation either. Jesus Christ did not found many denominations, many different churches, He said "I will build my church” singular! And He did build it! One church with an apostle commissioned to preach and to publish the gospel, which is the very message he [Jesus] brought from God the Father to all the world

The Mission of the

Philadelphia Church Era

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The Knock of Christ - Mr. Ellery Burgess
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Man without divine revelation, man has been able to observe that plant life reproduces – animal life reproduces and human life reproduces – however, they are ignorant of the divine revelation! –  Man has formed erroneous and happiness destroying concepts about the purpose and uses of sex! A tiny baby is helpless at birth, it has no instict in the strict sense of the word. BUT, it does have a mind, at birth there is virtually no knowledge, even though the fetus can respond  to and remember music played and responds to its fathers voice. It will stress if parents argue, it needs to be taught, it needs parents to teach it  and it matures much more slowly than animals! Yet its potentiality is infinitely higher, and for this higher purpose parental guidance amd family life are necessary. 


"The Work IS Finished". Herbert W Armstrong

Regardless of this Wicked World We CAN MAKE IT! - Michael Venish
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Watch - Ellery Burgess
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Herbert W. Armstrong

There seems to be no solution in sight today to the frightening world troubles with nuclear World War III threatening to blast all human life off this planet. But there is a solution and it's already underway, but the world doesn't seem to know it, or to understand it. 

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