Everything you hear today is about Covid 19 or the Coronavirus. Our entire world has changed over the past few months, over 148 nations and states are locked-down and infected by this virus and as this virus spreads it kills the most vulnerable. In this serious world wide problem a question was asked and I understand the persons concern, the question and I quote... “ did god cause this pandemic to take place and if so why?” First let me read in 1John 4:8  "he that loveth not, knows not god; for god is love.  John wrote God is love! What John is saying in that verse is, that to know the Great God, we must love as God loves. So if that is what he is, love then why this disease, why this virus spreading around the world and shutting down nations and their economies?

It seems many members in the Scattered Churches have forgotten that they were called to become teachers of God's will! They have also forgotten how they came to be a member in the Church of God. I first heard of the Worldwide Church of God in early 1966 – my wife and I were still young – I was 22 years old and very excited about what was been revealed my wife and I. In 1969 we decided to moved from Port Elizabeth South Africa to live in Johannesburg, to be near the Church of God. We were overjoyed to be in the Johannesburg congregation and we were all happy to be part of the Household of God knowing we were to be born into the very family of God. Then on January 16, 1986 the apostle died and the Worldwide Church of God disintegrated through the introduction of FALSE doctrines.


The Knock of Christ - Mr. Ellery Burgess
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"The Work IS Finished". 

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