The greatest and most powerful nation on earth is the United States of America!.

However this nation has lost the pride of her power! God has broken that power! Her leaders are sick, many of them lie steal and cheat and they sit in their House of Congress under a slogan–IN GOD WE TRUST–which is emblazoned above the podium of the Speaker of their House of Congress. That slogan which means absolutely nothing to these people, especially the Speaker Mrs. Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Chuck Schummer. We may ask does it mean anything to any of these people in that Congress? They claim to believe and trust in God and have faith in Jesus, however they are clueless of the TRUE God. Therefore the Almighty Living God says to them in the book of Hosea chapter 4:1- 7 "hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel: – the lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of god in the land."

In our last video "Government Rejected, I"said an apostle was placed in charge of the church and it was Christ who revealed the TRUE doctrines to him and THE GREATEST OF THESE WAS THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD. And, furthermore it was to that endtime apostle that Christ gave the commission to fulfill Matthew 24:14 – in our video titled “Where Does Their MISSION COME FROM" I specifically explained the word "END" in verse 14, please view that video to make sure you understand what that verse 14 means. The scattering of the churches proves the ministry don't understand verse 14 and claim that verse commissions them! Notice this claim from the Living Church of God, and by the way, this is the second church founded by the late Rod Meredith. His successor with the title the "Presiding Evangelist" Gerald Weston, recently wrote a letter dated April 14, 2020 to that church, and you will notice in that letter instead of explaining faithfully to his congregations, that the gospel was preached around the world as a witness by an apostle named Herbert W Armstrong in the 20th century, who was sent by Christ. Neither does this man explain to his congregations that the Work of Christ through that apostle is still freely available on the internet No, rather than tell his members the TRUTH about Matthew 24:14 being fulfilled as that verse reveals, NO! Rather he claims it to himself I quote from his letter... "This gospel is not being preached to day, except for what you hear in this work and from a very few others. But Jesus said, the gospel of the kingdom (there it is) will be preached in all the world. While we have reached some individuals in all but one or two nations through television the internet and our printed literature, we do not think that means this prophecy is fulfilled. Surely this message of the Kingdom of God and of what that Kingdom is will reach more than only a few people in every nation before Christ comes"


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