You can prove who the REAL Jesus is – you can prove and then know that you know that this Jesus did not have long hair that he was not an emaciated effeminate looking individual as the one displayed hanging on a cross looking sorry for himself! This Jesus was not a radical protester and neither was he a violent man– He payed taxes and was a law abiding citizen– He did not try to convert anyone at that time – however – He did promote obedience to God's laws this being TOTALLY contrary to what the established belief is of many preachers today who claim He nail the law to the cross.​

How willing are you to open up your Bible and prove these claims? When you begin to study the scriptures about what Jesus really was like and you fined in the pages of your own Bible that the Jesus you have always believed in is very DIFFERENT from what the scriptures teach, are you willing to change?

Man without divine revelation, has been able to observe that plant life reproduces – animal life reproduces and human life reproduces – however, they are ignorant of the divine revelation! –  Man has formed erroneous and happiness destroying concepts about the purpose and uses of sex! A tiny baby is helpless at birth, it has no instict in the strict sense of the word. BUT, it does have a mind, at birth there is virtually no knowledge, even though the fetus can respond  to and remember music played and responds to its fathers voice. It will stress if parents argue, it needs to be taught, it needs parents to teach it  and it matures much more slowly than animals! Yet its potentiality is infinitely higher, and for this higher purpose parental guidance amd family life are necessary. 


The Knock of Christ - Mr. Ellery Burgess
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